1. All contestants that win a title or category award will be managed only by the organisers during the course of one year from the date of winning the title.
2. All titleholders must not undertake private work for example photoshoots/ campaigns/ guest appearances/ public speaking/ acting/ promotional work or participate in any form of Collaborations without approval by the management.
3. For further info please email info@asiana.tv
4. Failure to comply with all our rules may lead to disqualification and your title being revoked.
5. All contestants are responsible for their own costs including travel and makeup, hair & outfit.

All Contestants are offered a subsidised Professional Photoshoot(s) in order to create a Professional Portfolio at an affordable price.
1. All photographs, videos and other promotional material produced by Asiana Pageants remain the copyright of Asiana Pageants and may not be used without out written permission.
2. Payments of the photoshoots are non-refundable, no images will be released for usage without payment in full.
3. Photoshoots organized for contestants are to be used strictly to promote the contestants participation in the pageant and are not to be used for personal usage.
4. Photos are not allowed to be used for any third party usage. For example Magazines, Events, Leaflets, Banners, Modelling Agencies, TV, Other Pageants, makeup artists & fashion companies, Social Media etc.
5. Contestants are only allowed to use these images after prior written permission for their own social media sites/ website/portfolios. All images must be clearly credited to their relevant Category, Pageant and its Sponsors.
6. Mobile Phones/Cameras – No footage can be taken during Photoshoots/events without prior Permission from the organisers.
7. If you have received prior consent to take photos or videos during the Photoshoots/Events, please inform everyone present for permission whilst taking any images and videos to avoid third parties being recorded or their images being taken without their knowledge. This will ensure there is no conflict.
8. Failure to comply may result in Disqualification. Unauthorised usage of pictures will result in the usage of images being withdrawn and usage/admin fees will be incurred.
9. Contestants will be shown the images for approval during the Photoshoot. The final selection of images will be chosen by the organisers.
10. Contestants are allowed to have usage of additional images if they require, additional editing costs will apply per image.
11. For confidentiality reasons, we do not send out images for pre-selection. Contestants may view the images and participate in the selection at our London Office, with prior agreement.
12. Images of each contestants will be uploaded onto the website to promote the contestants and create promotional marketing material on social media sites. Images are compulsory for any public voting stages if the organisers decide to have one.
13. Contestants who withdraw without completing the pageant will loose the discount received for the photoshoot and will have to pay the full cost of the photoshoot. 

Selection of Images
14. Each look that is created for the contestants on the photoshoot will be shown to contestant at the time of the shoot and approved by the contestant.
15. It is compulsory that each look which is created on the photoshoot for contestants is used for the use to promote the contestants participating in the pageant and the editing cost is paid.
16. It is compulsory that each Contestants has to use 1 image of each look created for them at the photoshoot & pay for editing costs. This is to avoid unnecessary pictures being taken & the focus remains on creating looks that are going to be used to promote Contestants.
17. The final selection is done by the organisers.

1. Once we have received your application form, your application form will be automatically processed and the administration fee is non refundable after this stage. Please note the administrative fee charged is to process your application form to enter Asiana Pageants. This fee is purely to cover the administrative costs to process your application.
2. If at any stage you decide to withdraw your application form from the beauty pageant, for whatever reason or unforeseen circumstances, the application fee is non refundable, as the service for processing your application form to enter has been processed and therefore the service has been provided.
3. Photoshoot deposits and payments for photoshoots are non refundable. Please note after the photoshoot has taken place, payment for the photoshoot is non-refundable. Deposits PAID towards your photoshoot are non-refundable if you fail to attend the photoshoot.
4. Failure to comply with our rules may lead to disqualification.

1. Once your registration is accepted and your entry is approved to be a contestant for any of the titles / category awards of Asiana Pageants, if you are considering entering any other pageants you must inform the organisers first for required permission. If you fail to inform, this may result in disqualification as a contestant of Asiana Pageants.
2. All contestants of Asiana Pageants are required to agree to the terms of entry and abide by the rules of eligibility in the contest.